How to Fish: River Float Fishing with Lures

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In this fishing video tutorial, we demonstrate how to fish a spoon or spinner effectively in a river for trout and salmon.

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Camera: Rodney Hsu
Editing: Rodney Hsu
Music: Alexis Messier
Copyright: Fishing with Rod Production



Adventures with Frodo says:

At the point your fishing the salmon are not laying eggs. Salmon will lay their eggs in very shallow water.. The salmon are not feeding. They strike out from instinct.

David Pugh says:

Thanks so much for the video! I just started fishing and yesterday I tried fishing with weights and a spoon but kept getting snagged over and over. Going to try with a floater like you showed on your video!

KeLLer man says:

Very well made video and exactly what i was lookingfor! thank you!

Milad Khosravi says:

what if you use casting spoon instead of using trolling+weight?

Thibeinn says:

I fish streams, ponds, and lakes. When using lures which aren't designed to go down to a specific depth (such as spoons, spinnerbaits, etc), I always use a float so I can set them to consistently run at the depth I want them to. I've been doing that for a long time now.

Derek Pole says:

Love the video rod, I tried my best today to use this technique on the vedder. We caught and released one non hatchery coho and a nice rainbow trout while losing the others we had on the line. Could I ask what rod and reel you are using in this video? I would love to get a level wind set up for the river.

Nico G says:

Hi, Rod! Thanks for the tips! Great Video! watched this one and the one you were using Islander IS reel… i am not very sure which one to buy now… Much appreciated!

Matthias Kempe says:

Hi Rod,
for this technique, how crucial is it to have a long rod (10ft +)with a level wind reel?
I want to give this a go with my 7 ft spin cast. Quite the difference, but wondering you've tried it before!

Steven Vail says:

Hey Rod what do you think about that reel you got in this video, I am really thinking of buying it but was wondering what you thought of it. Good things and bad, thanks Rod and awesome videos.

Carl and Alex Fishing says:

I wonder if this would work for river pike….

Pat Kelly says:

Rod, I'm new to float fishing and I'm going to use this for steelhead this year. Great video man!

Thomas JTN says:

this technique with soft plastic craws on jigheads under a float works really well also.

nick williams says:

Can you make a video about how to cast with a centrepin reel..techniques etc…?

Ray Hamel says:

Can you apply this same technique but with a centre pin reel/float rod?

Wasp Kye says:

Hey it's me again and I was wondering if I should go fishing now or wait a bit

Gary o shea says:

Hey rod! ever fish in Ireland?

Ken says:

Great Video ! Thanks !

LuBearr says:

whats a good brand of clear floats? the ones I bought were pretty shitty and leaked after a few casts. still nothing like retrieving and maneuvering spoons/spinners/worms with light tackle though. slide it right under log jams in front of coho's face for best results.

Glazer143 says:

Great vid rod

Harvey Labro says:

will this technique work for a spin casting reel?

Steven Vail says:

Awesome technique, I am definitely gonna try this in Montana.

Tom C. says:

Thanks Rod. I use Dick Nite spoons with this technique next to log jams and other obstructions. Coho cannot resist the urge to stike a fluttering spoon.

Alex Fierro says:

Hey rod where are you fishing

Andrew Nguyen says:

coincidently, I went out fishing today on the Vedder for the first time. did spinning with lures and I can attest that it definitely works and you get bites, but beware of Snag City. I lost 5 lures so it may not be the most effective way to fish so this method will be what i'm trying next.
was this out at the Vedder too, Rod?

Fishin Oregon says:

Hey rod where do you get your floats for lakes and where do you get them for rivers. TIGHT LINES!!!

Will Man says:

Hi Rod, I've been float fishing from the river bank for a while now. The biggest drawback is getting snagged from the river bottom on boulders, weeds, etc. What techniques would you recommend to get the hook unsnagged? Or could you perhaps make a video on unsnagging. Thanks!

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